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Realtors Advantage: Stand out and get the edge. 

Let me & 1000s of Real Estate Related Keywords work for you! 


I'm building a Home Buyers Network of sites based on keywords and questions searched by those interested in buying a home. I recognize that this network of sites can drive business to Participating Realtors.


I’ve built 19 keyword-rich, highly niche Real Estate related websites so far AND over 23 additional sites are on the way.

These sites are populated with thousands of long tail Real Estate related keywords and questions.  

I can Geo-Target your banner ad to your city. Which means any website visitors originating from your city sees your ad.


 (Only 4 Realtors per city) See if your city is available HERE



                         Download Now!

                                      (And Choose Your Cities)



$20 per mo.

Updated 8/23/2020

To Get This Special

Download This File. Put Your Name in Chosen Spots and Email It To Me At : AdvertiseWithAndy(at)

The Process

1. Download and fill out form

2. Email form to me "AdvertiseWithAndy(at)

3. Include in your email

- The number of months you'd like your ad to be displayed

- Whether you will supply the ad graphic or would like for me to create the ad graphics for you (ad creation charge $10.00). 

4. I will send you an invoice/payment link

5. Once paid, I will await your ad or create your ad

6. I will place your ad in your chosen spots.

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Sidebar 160 x 600

Bottom 728 x 90

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