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Tech Sellers Advantage: Stand out and get the edge.

Growing Traffic Every Day And More Sites On The Way!


   Populated with 1000's of keyword laden questions that people thinking about tech.  


Put your tech products in the middle of tech product searches.



$5 - $10 

     I want to work for you! 


I'm building a Tech Sellers Network of sites based on keywords and questions searched by those paying attention to the tech. I recognize that this network of sites can drive business to Tech Sellers.


I’ve built 7 keyword-rich, highly niche tech websites so far AND more sites are coming.

These sites are populated with thousands of long tail tech related keywords and questions.  



Click either of these versions of the Order Form and fill it out






To Get This Special

The Process

Download This File. Fill It Out and Email It To Me At : AdvertiseWithAndy(at)

1. Download and fill out form

2. Email form to me "AdvertiseWithAndy(at)

3. Include in your email

- The number of months you'd like your ad to be displayed

- Whether you will supply the ad graphic or would like for me to create the ad graphics for you (ad creation charge $5.00). 

4. I will send you an invoice

5. Once paid, I will await your ad or create your ad

6. I will place your ad in your chosen spots.

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